Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIAW - my very first link up!

I started this blog just a few days ago and immediately started perusing the web to find some link-ups so that I could meet some other bloggers.  I came across WIAW and immediately got giddy because I thought it said WaWa, pretty much the most glorified gas station with the best coffee on the planet (or at least the east coast).  Alas, there was no WaWa link up, but there is this pretty cool one called WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday).  So for all you people out there in blog-land who happen to stumble across my little blog here (even though I'm convinced it's just been my mom and I so far), here's a photo-journal of yesterdays lovely feasts.

Breakfast: 1 super-ripe, juicy ruby red grapefruit with cinnamon on top along with a cup for fat free greek yogurt flavored with stevia and cinnamon.  I nuked some frozen strawberries for about 30 seconds in the microwave and added them to the greek yogurt. Oh, and coffee.  Always coffee.  Actually, I'm still drinking coffee...

Lunch: Lunch was a piece of The Coconut Diaries' Chili Pumpkin Turkey Meatloaf.  I follow Kim from "The Coconut Diaries" on instagram and she's awesome.  She always posts awesome, healthy recipes and everyone raves about her Chili Pumpkin Turkey Meatloaf.  I've gotta tell ya, I was kind of skeptical of trying this out just because I wasn't sure if I would like the flavors.  Yea, I caved and decided to make a batch of it on Monday while watching The Bachelorette (and then I ate a massive piece of it because I was so upset at Brooks... don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!).  I've officially been converted to a believer.  The flavors just go so well together.  I added some extra kick to mine with cayenne pepper and topped it with dijon and siracha before eating.  I had it for lunch yesterday with some broccoli and spaghetti squash.  Definitely filled me up!

Pre/Post-Workout: Quest Bars, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... (1) I love you when I wake up. (2) I love you with my coffee. (3) I love you before my workout. (4) I love you for dessert. (5) I love you all day, every day... seriously guys, Quest Bars are the best protein bar out there.  They're the perfect pre-workout snack (or snack any other time of day for that matter).  My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Roll, but I've never had a flavor that I didn't like.  The "natural" line is clean and they have around 20g protein and 17 g fiber in each bar.

Post-workout I had a strawberry cheesecake protein smoothie with sprinkles on top(yesterday was National Cheesecake Day!)  Look back to yesterday's post for the recipe... to die for :o) 

Dinner: Just kidding... that wasn't my dinner, it was my fiancé's, but this was mine.....
The only difference between our dinners is that his has mozzarella on top of it.  I made my version of a chicken parm, stuffed with spinach and cheese.  Added additional cheese on top of his, left the extra cheese off of mine, and served it with a big 'ol salad.  It was a hit, and you can consider this a teaser because I'll post the recipe in the next few days.

Well, there ya have it! My first WIAW, my first link-up, my first week of blogging in general.  Let me know what you think, leave some suggestions, or just let me know I'm not alone out here in the blogging world! Until next time...


  1. Your shake with sprinkles on it looks so good!

    1. Thanks! It was like froyo, had to eat it with a spoon. A protein shake disguised as dessert, just the way I like it :o)

  2. Ok, I need to go back and check out that protein shake recipe!